Imagine a girl in pink.pinkflowers

It’s a vision of a girl who represents love, femininity, empathy and romance.

I am an emotional person,or at least I used to be. Then It happened. I’m sure everyone gets this big turning point in life after which you look at your life as before and after this big paradigm shift at life. To elaborate… My previous life was pretty average, but I always felt different and misunderstood; everyone was forcing me to be normal and as desperately I tried to become the person everyone wanted me, I kept failing all the time. I always felt different, but nevertheless I felt happy and I managed to keep a childlike sense of wonder about our world.


When does a girl becomes an adult?

Is it right after a she celebrates hers 16th birthday? Perhaps 18th? When a girl goes through puberty? Or perhaps we’re all children pretending to be adults? Life for an adult is not colorful, it’s black and white or for somebody just black..


Because we are not looking at world anymore as we used to.


Nowadays I look at world with different eyes, or through a lens that has modified my view of the world. My inner child was killed. And as I lost my naivety and innocence I received the greatest gift.

Gift is femininity, empathy, love, kindness.

I morphed and adapted, but without becoming the cynical person that has a binary sense of the world where everything is either good or bad with nothing in between.  I have the power to resist the status quo.

Actually I have tip for you.

If you ever see somebody who STANDS OUT ;))) Either with their loudness or silence, or awkwardness.

Don’t ever try push them down.

Those people have something that they might teach you if you watch closely.

You’d be surprised.

Evolution pushes us to be average, to fit in, to be normal, so we must rebel and once again: please, please follow your dreams, this world is not circus and you are not here to be controlled by people who don’t understand you.

Your mind is a powerful thing.

When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life start to change.



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