real dubai

Tourist activities at Dubai

During the first days of the trip I was “enjoying” tourist life: we went to the desert,  safari , BBQ dinner, quad bike ride and a camel ride…. To be honest I didn’t enjoy it at all!! There were 6 people in our car not counting professional driver. We were taken up and down on dunes , only thought I had in my head was “God ,please let me out” :D. I wasn’t scared, to be honest, I just couldn’t enjoy it; all those fake screams ,but it was about me not being in the moment, not them.

real dubai

Fun camel rides!!

The worst part of tourist life came when I went for camel rides!! I wanted to go and make sure that each and every one of those poor animals isn’t overworked, as they looked to be in bad shape :(.

Seriously, when you look at them and hear how hurt they are, standing up and laying down, ALL DAY in the hot sun taking those fat tourist asses on “fun” rides!! ARE THOSE HUMAN BLIND??  Why would anyone support that? It’s not a world I want to be a part of.

Do you?

real dubai

real dubai


real dubai

real dubai

real dubai

Magical Arabian show

But not everything was all bad, there were some good moments, actually. Evening part, for one, I enjoyed soo much!!

I enjoyed the food and Arabian dancer show, it was something magical. It was hypnotizing and you can’t believe that it’s even physically possible.
There was a man who was spinning on one side for about 10 minutes without stopping or changing his position, as well as the clothing, lights and music made it really special and beautiful.

Friendly people at Dubai

Experiencing the real Dubai isn’t all that hard – you just need to leave your hotel swimming pool and go out in the streets. People are friendly if a bit out of touch, since they’ve lived lives of luxury. Local ex-pats are especially open to show you around. Everyone is open to help you without expecting anything in return.

real dubai

Cove Beach Dubai

My friend finally arrived to Dubai. We were more than happy to jump in to new adventures, first we were at a beach party. You could tell that was a local hang-out place, because nobody was dancing! But I like to dance so bad!!
So, basically it was place where everybody showed what they got , who has a hotter chick on their arm, who has more money and fancier clothing, there were also girls who were looking for sugar daddies and then there were us – watching everybody and having our own party! Music was amazing, I don’t know how they could just chill there, but don’t get me wrong I wasn’t jumping around, I tried to keep up that luxury, glamorous facade, same as everyone  😀

Stayin alive at Dubai

You can’t walk there to the downtown Dubai; there are only cars and buildings, no plants, no life. We had amazing opportunity to go outside of Dubai, and guys, THERE WAS LIFE!! There were also people, but we chose to stay in our car and look at them , just imagine seeing a white European in place, where every woman is wearing a headscarf or a hijab, too much attention, but if you want to feel it the local vibe, go to a farmers market and you will get a feel of how crowded and how none luxury it was.

real dubai

real dubai

real dubai

These were the highlights from my Dubai Trip, I feel really blessed and thankful for everything I experienced there. And I am so happy for new friends, stronger friendships with old ones, amazing experiences and great lessons!



Dreams do come true

As long as I remember myself, my most coveted desire dream was visiting Dubai. Even though, I never looked at the pictures of Dubai or read that much about Dubai, my heart was screaming for Dubai. After I started blogging and pushing my readers follow your dreams, I forgot about my own dream or I would like to say ran the idea to the universe. And then it happened, the doors were wide open, I got a chance to visit my dream city.

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Help others to be great.

In this world you have two options; to wander through your life not really knowing or caring where you are going or to be great. Great at inspiring others helping people in need, in whatever way you can, sometimes just a smile, or brightening someones’ day just by reminding them how amazing they are. It can mean world for them and that’s exactly how you grow – by lifting others. Do it for yourself, everything in this world is based on energy. Give your love, as well as learn to receive it. It’s not as easy as it sounds, you have to work hard on yourself first, seeing as how you can’t really help anyone as long as you haven’t helped yourself.

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All leaders are readers.

Read books!!!

It’s the most important part in changing your thinking. Find a book that helps you become a better version of yourself. If being successful means being rich, read about money, if your goal is to be the perfect parent, read books about parenting. Read to change. Books are the tools that help us become better people…  Even book of a month will help you a lot. Reading helps you to understand others, open eyes and mind to world.
Thankfully, we live in a new millennium, but, my dear, Facebook is not a book! 🙂

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Have you ever been in situation where you wanted to change, to be different?

If yes, then I can say that’s first step to success. I’ve been there before. I was living a life where everyone was trying teach me how to live according to their worldview.

Growing up ,there were always teachers, friends and neighbors who told me who or what I should be. As I was listening, I kept thinking THEY have more experience in this world and so THEY must know better.

STOP!!! That has to change!

It should be all about YOU.

Its your life to live and who are they to tell you what to do? What do YOU want to be? Where do YOU want to be , how do YOU want to live? Nobody knows or cares as much as you do.

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